Digitalnauts Launches the First Democratised XR Ecosystem. Explore the details of the Beta Launch and the upcoming features planned for the next phase!


The challenges organisations face when it comes to distributing and managing XR content are many – from difficulty scaling out XR projects, to rolling out content updates and long-term hardware maintenance. Digitalnauts’ pioneering HoloHub™ ecosystem eliminates all these challenges and provides businesses with the platform to easily manage XR at scale, resulting in reduced time and cost of delivery.

Up until now, HoloHub™ was a private beta used by Digitalnauts’ own clients, but since 7th June 2021 it has been officially public to anyone, proving it is the first truly open XR ecosystem. Digitalnauts opened registrations to the platform so that users can get an early access to try its features without having to request demos, jump through hoops and go through a lot of red tape to join. However, HoloHub™ is still a work in progress, meaning not all features and support resources are currently available, with a commercial launch coming in the near future.

The XR platform allows users to distribute their content on a global scale across organisations; manage users, roll out changes and updates; track performance and generate analytics reports; and integrate with familiar business tools and systems in order to seamlessly utilise HoloHub™ in the workplace.


HoloHub is the first truly open XR ecosystem offering:

"We feel that everyone should be able to have full control of their XR content without hassle, so we're opening our platform a little early, no gatekeeping or barriers to get access: HoloHub™ doesn’t hide behind closed demos or draconian policies. In today’s world, technologies should be helping companies work together, embracing collaboration and innovation. The reality is that big organisations are spread out and are experimenting with immersive technologies in different ways. There’s a real need for a solution to help support these teams in a way that is flexible enough for them to get on with their work and allows project stakeholders to have a holistic view of how the teams and technologies are performing."
Mark Baxter
Co-Founder and CTO


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