Revolutionising Telecoms Surveying

Capture, process and plan with
AI-powered precision.

Our pocket smart solution connects Telecoms directly to their customers, providing improved approval rates and unparalleled cost savings. 

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Increase in approvals 

HoloPlan connects telecoms directly to their customers through a simple, user-friendly browser application, enabling faster feedback and increased approval rates 

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Reduction in Cost 

By minimising the need for site visits, HoloPlan significantly cuts down the costs associated with repeated surveys and 3rd party surveyors

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Reduced Planning Time

HoloPlan’s advanced algorithms provide detailed 3D models, reducing the need for manual surveys and enabling engineers to plan installation or maintenance work more efficiently

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Decrease in Human Errors

Real-time sharing and reviews of models improve project coordination, ensuring efficient and timely remote collaboration among engineers and with customers.

Step One


Simply capture your environment with an iPhone or iPad. Utilising integrated LiDAR technology, HoloPlan effortlessly constructs a precise 3D representation of your surroundings in a matter of minutes.

Step Two


Craft your vision with ease on our intuitive web platform. Merge multiple scans seamlessly to construct your scene. Add cable routes, telecoms equipment, and configure your layout intuitively, all within a few clicks.

Step Three


Share your meticulously planned 3D scene with stakeholders for review. Send for approval and receive feedback effortlessly. With HoloPlan, communication is streamlined - share proposed plans via a simple web link or email, ensuring speed and efficiency.

Step Four


Ensure accountability and traceability every step of the way. Export comprehensive evidence as a PDF, showcasing cable routes, equipment placement, and approval details. Product amount and lists can also be shared to enhance quality assurance, providing complete transparency and accountability.

What is

HoloPlan is an innovative surveying solution for 3D scanning and surveying, offering telecoms unparalleled cost savings and enhanced productivity in fibre optic network planning and installation. 


It harnesses the power of advanced computer vision and AI algorithms, turning any smartphone or tablet into a powerful tool for capturing and processing 3D models of buildings and infrastructure.   


With HoloPlan, tedious manual surveys and repetitive site visits are things of the past. Simply point your device and let HoloPlan do the rest – providing detailed floor plans, cable routes and infrastructure layouts with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. 

How does HoloPlan benefit Telecoms?

Streamlined 3D Surveying: Capture detailed building models quickly and effortlessly using smartphones or tablets, cutting out the need for external surveyors. 

Precision and Efficiency: Minimise errors and enhance data accuracy for cost-effective and smooth fiber network planning and maintenance. 

Seamless Collaboration: Foster smooth communication among stakeholders through feedback and review tools, aiding decision-making, compliance and customer satisfaction. 

Customisable Interface: Save time and money with a white-labelled solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. 


HoloPlan was conceived from a collaboration with Openreach, driven by their need to drastically reduce the time and costs spent on fibre surveying.  


Traditional methods employed by telecom companies were often laborious, expensive, and error-prone, leading to project delays and inefficiencies.  With Openreach’s practical insights into these challenges, our team of experts crafted HoloPlan, a revolutionary tool designed to empower telecom operators and service providers.  


By harnessing advanced technology, HoloPlan simplifies the surveying process, delivering actionable insights with unparalleled accuracy and transforming the industry’s approach to fibre rollout.

The story behind HoloPlan

Who is
HoloPlan for?

Telecom Operators & Service Providers

Seeking accurate and detailed 3D models of existing buildings and infrastructure for planning, installing, and maintaining fibre optic networks.  

Telecom Equipment & Software Vendors

Looking for a way to showcase their products and solutions in 3D and provide virtual demos to potential customers or partners.  

Telecom Regulators and Authorities

Eager to monitor and verify the quality and compliance of fibre optic networks using 3D models and data.  

Telecom Consultants and Analysts

Looking to assess the feasibility and profitability of fibre optic projects using 3D models and data.  

Let's compare HoloPlan to
Traditional Surveying




Accessible web interface designed specifically for telecoms 



Scan environment once, iterate unlimited changes 



Simplified cable routing and equipment placement 



Seamless customer engagement and review flow 



Adobe Sign and CRM integration 



On-demand flexibility at scale  



Comprehensive data export and materials list 



Enhanced, on site data security 



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Have questions or concerns? Our team is here to support you. Reach out to us via email or phone for personalised assistance and expert guidance on how HoloPlan can transform your telecoms operations. 

With HoloPlan by your side, you can navigate the complexities of fiber optic network installations with confidence, knowing that you have the most advanced and innovative tool for the job.   


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