Digitalnauts announces new non-executive director Marco Faccini, expert and senior player in the UK digital learning sector, to its leadership team.
VR experienced team Marco


Marco Faccini is known as a person who wears a lot of hats. He is a CEO, Investor, Digital Learning Architect and a senior player with more than 20 years experience in L&D. Our paths crossed a long time ago and Marco has always given us advice throughout the years.

But now we are excited to officially have him as our Non-Executive Director! We are delighted to have such an invaluable addition to the company.


From starting out as an e-learning professional back in 2001, Marco is passionate about making a difference in Learning & Development and Education. He works with many modern, new and innovative technologies bringing a ‘blended’ proposition.

He is ‘immersed’ in the 3D, Virtual Reality including e-sports VR, Video-Based learning and collaborative learning arenas helping to educate workplace professionals and bring solutions to life. He works with Corporate companies, SME’s, Apprenticeship training providers and educational faculties to utilise these newer technologies and add real value to the business and their people. He invests in companies as well as securing external funding for early-stage start-ups through his own vehicle and partners.

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